Qatar Toy Festival 2024

Qatar Toy Festival 2024: A Spectacular Event for Toy Enthusiasts of All Ages in Qatar

Update on the Guests: The Qatar Toy Festival 2024 team has announced an exciting lineup of celebrity guests for the event, ensuring an unforgettable experience for the participants of all ages.

Here are some of the guests who you can expect to see:

> ALJ Sisters: 15 July
> Tareq & Mohammed
(Al Arabi Tourgane: 16 & 17 July)
> Blippi: 20 & 21 July
> Rasha Rizk: 25 & 26 July
> Fozi Mozi: 28 To 30 Jul
> Assem Sukkar: 2 & 3 Aug
> Masaka Kids: 4 To 9 Aug
> Adnan Family: 11 Aug

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The second edition of the much-awaited Qatar Toy Festival is around the corner.

The spectacular event for toy enthusiasts is set to take place at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC) in Doha from July 15 to August 14, 2024.

The Qatar Toy Festival has been much appreciated for offering a month-long celebration of creativity and fun for both kids and their parents.

The first edition of the festival in 2023, according to reports, attracted nearly 50,000 visitors throughout the month, with the inaugural day witnessing a participation of around 2,000 visitors.

Last year, more than two dozen of the world’s leading toy brands, including but not limited to Barbie, Blippi, Hot Wheels, Disney Princess, and Nerf, took part in the event.

Qatar Toy Festival 2024 – Highlights

The toy festival will host a delightful array of activities designed to captivate and entertain visitors of all ages. From interactive play zones to educational workshops, the festival promises a blend of learning and fun for your kids.

A series of stage shows are also scheduled throughout the month. These performances, featuring beloved characters and entertaining acts, are sure to excite children.

Exclusive exhibits will also be a notable highlight of the event, showcasing the latest and most innovative toys from popular brands. This will provide attendees with a great opportunity to explore new toys and trends, offering insights into the future of the global toy industry.

We at BravoKids, a leading retailer of learning, educational and interactive toys in Qatar, are excited to participate in the Qatar Toy Festival 2024 and bring you the latest updates on time. Stay tuned with us!

Reference for the Information: Qatar Toy Festival Instagram Page

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